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Kurt Lewin

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Kurt Lewin


Phil Mirci, Bill Robinson, and Molly Large say:

  • Change involves unfreezing, changing, then re-freezing.
  • Unfreezing requires the introduction of a driving force (need), while also minimizing restraining forces (anxiety).
  • Action research involves collecting and analyzing data ON OUR KIDS, which creates a driving force for change. The collaborative discussion of the data also serves to create a sense of psychological safety.


Our feeling is that professional development and professional learning communities are a required component of change, as they help teachers to understand the need for a change, then feel safe in implementing a change, and confident that the changes they are implementing are the best fit for their kids.


Ken, Al and Pat concluded that Lewin outlined the following:

Two ways to effect change are 1) force change and hold accountable and 2) remove restraining forces or success with proposed change.

Ways to unfreeze:

    1- disconfirmation ( understand and accept data)

    2- learning anxieties (how difficult will the learning be and fundamental restraining force for individual involved)

    3 - creation of psychological safety (balance between the anxieties produced by the discomforting data and acceptance of data.


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