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Michael Fullan

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Perspectives on Change: Michael Fullan
  • Schools must break the bonds of dependency between themselves and the external environment by reducing usage of overload and packaged solutions
  • Restructuring schools is a shared responsibility between teachers who are the key to improvement, and leaders.
  • Needed: Cultural Change Principal, who is a big-picture and conceptual thinker and develops the organization through people. She must have a/n:
  • Moral Purpose
    • Focus on student learning throughout the district
    • Intentional effort in student learning
    • Healthy respect for complexity of change process
    Understanding of change
  • Indepth understanding of change
  • Innovative in the management of change
  • Select few coherent innovations
  • Develop shared commitment
  • Expect and accept bumps in the road to implementation
  • Learn from divergent views
  • Focus on cultural change
  • Manage change
  • Improved Relation
    • Emotionally intelligent leaders develop relationships among divergent thinkers
    Knowledge creation and sharing
  • Develop organizational norms for ongoing learning, knowledge creation and sharing by example
  • Develop structures and processes to support the learning community
  • Increased coherence
  • Complete coherence is unattainable
  • Careful and intentional selection of ideas that further the school mission and vision



    • Sustainability requires hard work over many years, a moral and social environment, contextual learning, leadership succession, transforming working conditions for teachers.


Michael Fullan


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Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 11:42 am on Aug 16, 2007

Fullan described leadership as "the strategy of the decade". In the state of transformation that we are in (both in & out of schools) this is so true. In order to navigate through this changing society--strong leaders are needed to get us through!

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